XERO Universal Viewer

Enable borderless care team collaboration. Unlock secure, intuitive access to multi-departmental images.

“Anywhere, anytime” access to the patient’s holistic imaging data gives the entire care team information they need for timely, informed clinical decisions.

Expert Sessions

Access a series of recorded expert sessions.

Enrich your EMR with multimedia content

By seamlessly integrating XERO Universal Viewer into your EMR, you give greater relevance to imaging information, placing it in the context of the patient’s record.

Make the point of care a ‘point of diagnosis’

Provide your care providers with the mobility to access and upload images and to perform diagnostic activities, all at the point of care.

Curate the multimedia patient history

With patient information structured using sophisticated data presentation tools, your caregivers can quickly and easily find the relevant information they need for diagnosis and treatment, within a more complete overview of the patient’s condition.

Optimize remote teamwork

Bring together multi-disciplinary experts remotely, to smoothly collaborate on diagnosis and treatment from any location – as if they were working together in the same place.

Meet the increasing need for diagnostic mobility

Engage with patients and improve clinical decision-making, by enabling diagnostic image review anywhere, any time. XERO Universal Viewer has received FDA 510(k) clearance for mobile diagnostic viewing.

Enable advanced visualization and specialty tools

Make every department part of the enterprise viewing ecosystem, with the advanced visualization, analysis and specialty imaging tools they need to give images a central role in diagnosis and treatment.

XERO Universal Viewer – Extra functionalities

How universal is your image viewer ?

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