Less time and more information

The ordering and scheduling workflow has become increasingly important for smooth and clear communication between hospital departments, referring physicians and patients. Easy-to-use and web-enabled, the scheduling solution lets your staff manage even the most complex procedures, appointments and electronic orders in one application.

“Scheduling appointments is extremely easy and quick.
Our patients benefit from shorter waiting times.”

Referring physician

Intuitive, accurate and web-enabled.

A few mouse clicks are all you need to book most appointments. The interface presents exactly the information needed to make appointments. Users can schedule patients in far less time and with minimal training.

Easy management of even complex appointments.

Multi-department and multi-day appointments are easy to set up, optimizing staff workflow, hospital resources and the patient’s schedule, and providing efficient follow-up for treatment planning.

Seamless connectivity with other information systems.

Connectivity services for IHE-compliant systems, such as hospital information systems (HIS) and electronic patient records (EPR) allow patient demographic data, orders and appointments to be easily exchanged for improved availability to users across the enterprise.

Improving the patient experience.

Taking the patient’s preferences into account for time, day of the week and preferred physician can all be considered. The patients can optimize their choices and quickly get feedback on the best options, resulting in minimum wait time.

Optimize revenues through more efficient allocation of resources.

Efficiently manage scheduling for staff, rooms and equipment. Multiple resources can be reserved for an appointment, while simultaneous exams can be scheduled for the same supervising physician.

“Agfa HealthCare Scheduling has no limits.
It allows me to schedule any type of exam –
no matter how complex – and to enter
any type of information.”

Departmental receptionist

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