Enterprise Imaging for Molecular Imaging

A streamlined workflow and dedicated tools, supporting clinical confidence.

Build a unified molecular imaging ecosystem, with diagnostic reporting and image viewing tools, enhanced collaboration and mobile flexibility.

One workstation, with all your images

Streamline viewing and reporting of nuclear medicine studies, with everything you need, including dedicated hanging protocols – on a single workstation.

Specialty tools that support timely, informed diagnosis

Support smooth, efficient diagnosis with state-of-the-art molecular imaging quantification tools and dedicated clinical applications, integrated within a single platform.

Multidisciplinary teamwork, beyond the boundaries

Your care professionals can collaborate and take part in multidisciplinary team meetings. Each participant, regardless of where they are located, can share and manipulate images, in real time, while interacting using visual tools or instant messaging.

Remote reporting: true mobility and flexibility

Increase clinical efficiency, physician satisfaction and clinical confidence with structured reports that can be created anywhere – at home or in the office!

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